4x4 Conversion Kit Decals
Instant 4x4 - just apply these two decals to any area of your vehicle. Car, motorcycle, boat, doesn't matter.  Two 11.5" wide latex printed decals included in each package
4x4 Corduroy Hat
Embroidered corduroy unstructured cap, with inner woven label. Show off at the mudding hole this summer with this bad boy.
Barefoot Gas Pedal Lapel Pin
Comes with a free acid flashback. .75" brass lapel pin with rubber backing.
Big Bullet Hole
Big bullet hole sticker.. not much more to say about this one. Latex printed, comes on a release liner. 11"x9".
Big Ol' Sticker Pack
Just what it sounds like; a whole bunch of stickers for ten bucks. Lots of heavy hitters in here, plus a postcard to send to your mom. Note: we change up the contents often - if you are after a...
Burning Oil Air Freshener
These do not actually smell like burning oil! Soak up that delicious project car smell. The perfect compliment to that old shit box that leaves a puddle wherever you park it. The scent is actually "new car smell".
Caution Sticker (3Pack)
Project car stickers for your shit box. Pack of 3. They measure 3"x2.5"
Check Engine Light Lapel Pin
If you aren't tired of looking at it on your dash, you can now wear your check engine light on your favourite hat or jacket. .75" brass lapel pin with rubber backing.
Chevy Power Embroidered Patch
A *tasteful* rip-off of a classic patch from Dale's racing suit. 3" wide, iron on backing with merrowed edge. Comes on a cool backer.
Craigslist T-Shirt
If the Craigslist experience were a t-shirt, this would be it. Designed in collaboration with our friend Keenan Kosolowski Printed on 100% cotton Gildan shirt, fits like a fucking box, just how we like it. True to size.
Customer Service Department Pocket Tee
A nice cotton pocket tee with a little surprise :)   Fits a little on the boxy side, like your dad's shirts.
Customer Service Mug
For all those that work in the service department, let the customer know how you really feel. 11oz ceramic mug with wraparound print.
Daylighter Hat
A little nod to the best damned offroad light available - the KC Daylighter. Unstructured cotton 5 panel, just like your papa wore.
Sold Out
Ford Mug
Ford Mug
Please don't sue us, Mr. Ford. 11oz ceramic mug with screen printed graphic on one side.
Garage Keychain
Everyone needs a nice, sturdy keychain for their ride. 2.75", full brass construction with split ring.
Honk If You're On Drugs Bumper Sticker
Honk honk! 12x3" bumper sticker. Put it on your mom's car.
Lubrication Technologies Nalgene
After years of R&D at Speed Parts Lubrication Technologies, we have finally released our proprietary liquid container. Suggested use: 10W30 motor oil, but you can really fill it with anything, even water!   1000ml (maple syrup) or 32oz (freedom units)
NO Shop Sign
Save your breath, you can now just point to the sign. 11.5"x11.5" screen printed shop sign.
Pick Two Shop Sign
14x14" screen printed shop sign showing the age old repair shop creedo.
Prayer Keychain
Have you ever taken a moment to pray before you tried to start up your shitbox? This keychain is for you   3" hard enamel brass keychain featuring the car guy's prayer.
RDM x Speed Parts Sticker Pack
The collaboration you never needed, and definitely never wanted! We teamed up with Rolling Death Maui to re-release our caution sticker in chopper form, alongside some other stupid shit to slap on your bike, toolbox, or whatever.
Sales & Service Snapback Hat
Contour embroidered 100% cotton snapback hat, for those in the Sales & Service departments.
Speed Parts Logo Crewneck Sweater
Nice, comfy cotton crew neck sweater with our extremely well designed logo!
from $22.50
Speed Parts Racing Pit Hat
Screen printed 100% cotton unstructured cap, with inner woven label. Perfect victory lap hat.
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