Burning Oil Air Freshener
These do not actually smell like burning oil! Soak up that delicious project car smell. The perfect compliment to that old shit box that leaves a puddle wherever you park it. The scent is actually "new car smell".
Ford Mug
Please don't sue us, Mr. Ford. 11oz ceramic mug with screen printed graphic on one side.
Pick Two Shop Sign
14x14" screen printed shop sign showing the age old repair shop creedo.
Customer Service Mug
For all those that work in the service department, let the customer know how you really feel. 11oz ceramic mug with wraparound print.
Garage Keychain
Everyone needs a nice, sturdy keychain for their ride. 2.75", full brass construction with split ring.
Prayer Keychain
Have you ever taken a moment to pray before you tried to start up your shitbox? This keychain is for you   3" hard enamel brass keychain featuring the car guy's prayer.
Barefoot Gas Pedal
One deadstock barefoot gas pedal cover! Fits on most older style gas pedals, or will fit on any pedal with the right amount of elbow grease! Instant +10 horsepower.
Chevy Power Embroidered Patch
A *tasteful* rip-off of a classic patch from Dale's racing suit. 3" wide, iron on backing with merrowed edge. Comes on a cool backer.
NO Shop Sign
Save your breath, you can now just point to the sign. 11.5"x11.5" screen printed shop sign.
Vanner Keychain
  For the vanner buddies. 2.75" enamel brass keychain.
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